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The bride what bad skin

If their wedding photos, but the bride in fear for her bad skin skin is not too good, will not affect the picture quality? How should I adjust it? Do you have similar troubles? Small series of moves for you.

Many brides face with small peas, some brides worry about white enough. These photos are not a problem, because a very heavy makeup face, all covered up. Wedding photography reminds mm skin is dry to note, because a day with heavy makeup, skin is very hard and dry, and laugh, wrinkles is easy! Mm so dry skin, just before taking the best hydrating mask to make one week, water Skin Conditioner; continued for a week after the photo mask, the skin is best to meet wedding.

To adjust the skin is not. Many brides will be busy wedding, but before marriage will be very tired, which is not conducive to the maintenance. Wedding photography tips, remember one rule: sleep! Sleep is the best maintenance.

Many brides is easy to ignore the body's skin. Like to go swimming in the summer, drying out the pandas, then photos wear tube top dress is strange. Though who can powder but grounding out look wow. So photos a month before not fierce Sun recommended can choose some whitening effect of shower gel and body lotion to protect arms, chest, neck and shoulder, as these are easily exposed for the camera part.
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