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Bride and wedding dress to cover up defects

Brides in their wedding photos, excellence, for their body and bridal gowns, no best, only better. So, look at the shot figure flaws when wedding dresses to be noticed in the spring to buy, Changzhou wedding photography can help avoid mistakes when you choose wedding Oh!

belly fat brides

when spring wedding photo was taken, too soft cloth dress will make your stomach more prominent, satin wedding dress styles and a Word, because they are not close, and will be modified with the rhythms of the body effect, but do not select or decoration of lace too many dresses.

busty bride

large breasts but the great virtue of the bride, shooting wedding photos are selected in the spring on the wedding dress is the most important: keep the neck and the abdomen of clean lines and neat. Too low cut or monotone line, may not be the best way of modification, proper ruching, and micro collar allows the breasts feel a little delicate.

relatively flat chest bride

Although a good figure will make the bride look even more beautiful, but the shape is not all of bride's wedding in the spring. Small chest is far easier than big boobs modification, addition can be thickened hide chest pad, and has ruching dresses can also make you the charming of women.

the bride has a double chin:

during the filming of the spring on the choice of wedding dress, the bride to hold a key, is: do not pack, showing a little bit more. Complex, high collar is your partner, and decorated shoulder pads and shoulder decoration will make your double chin is more obvious. Simple on the hair, accessories and try not to get too complicated, delicate and complex embroidery and look.

spring is a season of romance, in this romantic season Spring wedding to photograph records the couple's love is the most beautiful, a good wedding dress as a bride you are more superior.

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