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Tell everybody you don't know, wedding tips, wedding was every girl's dream of a good thing, after all, life just this once, to my own good of course. Learn some tips for the wedding is about to shoot the wedding is not an extra thing for new people, wedding tips, of course, can also be used in the usual photo above, Oh! to understand it!

Sitting indoors, tend to be some requirements of shooting, sitting and standing, remember not all sitting on a Chair, legs are at rest, excess fat in the legs, and in the legs, it looks more stout legs, affect the result of shooting. In the standing shooting, must pay attention to stand up straight, two toes to slightly open, one foot slightly forward and slightly to one side of the body side, take out pictures will make you look more graceful and more elegant and more generous, take out pictures and more icing.

Then the requirement of eyes, in shooting must not tense or stiff facial muscles stalemate, such photos are not good to shoot out, in front of the camera must be smiling, eye displays of affection, facial expressions are to be relaxed, not too much mental and emotional, and unnatural.

Wedding tips there are many, some brides also have many related tips and taking pictures can also be used to take wedding pictures above, master the skills of these wedding can enhance you temperament in front of camera.
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