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How to choose wedding shoes

For wedding photos, girls in general are big girls on the car for the first time. However, in looking how beautiful this time of the photo shoot, and keep ahead. In order to make photos perfect, we tend to pay attention to every detail, the most troubling is the wedding dress shoes. Small series to introduce the following wedding dress shoes.

Wedding dress shoes are both decent and look at? girls wedding shoes generally into two categories: flats and high heels.

Style open-ended, because the wedding will not cover open.

1. the specific conditions in different ways.

A-according to the man's height depending on conditions. Particularly two stand photo to height ratio is in the girls to decide what type of shoes to wear;

B-determined in accordance with wedding dress styles. Makeup artists, photographers would put forward; you need to take two types of shoes.

2. photos on location is sometimes required, will also make corresponding preparations.

3. the shoe color to light color.

4. heel height by own decision

The wedding doesn't matter what shoes to wear, but generally do not take the foot, body photos even if wedding is also covered with foot, will not show. Now, however, some wedding dresses are not mopping, needs to show the foot, shank. If that is the case, and normally dresses will give you the matching shoes. Unless they do not or you are not satisfied with, you need to match your own.

Best color light colors of the shoes, white the best. Now, however, wedding colors a lot, so you should go to the wedding shop you have to choose a wedding dress, and then prepare a pair of shoes with another color, such as gold, gold with clothes. The height of the heel, it depends on your height to choice.

Changzhou wedding photography tips:

Wear woman taste full of high heels, even wearing wedding dew not out, it also is up with is important of of role Oh, that is improve elevation! let you looks long beautiful! color best dark light the prepared a double, took wedding wear what shoes are matter's, anyway see not to,, selected late ceremony like of clothing Shi on can tie clothes of color selected shoes wear Oh. Best not to wear a wedding dress shop shoes, one is not the right size, and unsanitary.
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