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How to choose a wedding package and how to shoot a wanted effect

How to select a wedding package and how to shoot a wanted result

The amount of package services, depending on the price paid by how much. In order, you should certainly ask about issues related to, such as the package will be set by how many brides dress and styling provides? How many photos can be taken? The following specific parse


Usually the wedding, the bride needs a white, two sets of evening dress, wedding photographers take this as a point of reference. However, the dress is divided into old and new, prices also vary, more expensive new white yarn, if there is insufficient budget, unable to pick new also to choose XF. And the groom dresses to match with the bride, so also needs to know how much you want to change suits.


Select outdoor photography, relates to photography sites taking into account including traffic, weather, environment, personnel, etc. In fact, as long as the site for, the couple may not be the way to run, because spending more time and energy consumption. Rather, the choice of indoor or outdoor, you can refer to samples taken every wedding dress shop (preferably photos), for further consideration, because the effect of film lies mainly in the photographer's technique and performance techniques.


New overall shape affects the overall visual effect, especially the bride. Typically wedding photographers services package includes makeup and hair design, some will work with hair salon for the couple to fix hair, then by the bridal shop's stylists in photos before making changes. New styling is a photographers essential services, whether it be cosmetics, ornaments, but more of a styling means higher costs.

Smiling, I think we will. How to naturally smiling in daily life to their wedding photos? ' I think many introverts nervous bride must at the time of their wedding photos. How to make the bride's more beautiful smile, look at the small wedding photography studio is saying.

Point 1, is actually very simple, everyone knows one side up 45 degrees is perfect, but we did not find, up 45 degrees to the side at the same time, as long as the mouth slightly stretched, then the side looks like a very happy smile Oh!

2, head, nod and the smile, easy three-step on your face will be filled with the taste of happiness! love show, displays of affection in the eye, photos can be affectionate. Imagine are laughing and listening to a lover complained, no Oh God don't binocular.

To laugh more, we can often smiled at the mirror, find the right smiles, looking in the mirror a lot of thought, definitely is a good way of doing effective insurance.
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