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When shooting photos to coincide with the photographer

As a landmark in the life of marriage, it is possible you have prepared for the the most adequate. Photo shoot is extremely important, need to meet a new, because it will be directly related to the picture perfect or not.   Small series teaches you how to fit the photographers work

you may have participated in quite a few friends before the wedding ceremony, children also know some wedding shots program. But every wedding is not exactly the same, especially personalized highlights today, photographer shooting as an important part of its status is particularly prominent.

now photographer teams in addition to the large formal wedding company guarantees, other mostly amateur, DMV, a mixed bag. As a professional wedding photographer, requires not just the strict working procedures, rigorous shot proposal, need to meet a majority of new friends, here to talk about facing the camera, the couple should pay attention to what?

rest and sleep

wanting to first note of rest and sleep, only then will spirit appears in front of the camera lens. The wedding day, the groom, the hard man! Jieqin of process is from groom home began of, groom and groomsmen to full follow photographer of arrangements and mobilization, this is because photographer of work and camera Division different, both need captured and to picture beautiful and arrangements new location, photos is moments of not continuous (camera), and cannot clip, so to in very short of several 1% of time within grab to you most beauty of smile.

profile details

groom dress shoot dress up, tie, lens, to maintain good mood, neither "artificial", and lenses, always pay attention to the camera position. When you need to take photos of talk with your parents, and parents standing at a 45-degree is best, so that photographers can take the expressions on both sides. When speaking, the groom should relax as usual, do not cause face stiff because of the tension.

walking process make sure the photographers at the front, try to keep a slow forward, smiling to the camera swing arms, remember: don't hard Oh! Bus can roll down the window, in front of the camera showing confidence, imparting grace and poise which instrument best expresses the beauty of a man! If marquises was driving a sports car, it is necessary to keep command of the photographer. Because trucks far from the camera will affect team results.

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