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Before the photo shoot and shoot things to note when

Note to remind you before the photo shoot, and shoot

Before the photo beauty tips:

1. Please take a shower the night before cleaning, ensure adequate sleep, reducing water to prevent eye bags appear.

2. the bride beforehand eyebrow shaping and trimming nails, trim and groom hairstyles.

3. who wish to wear glasses pictures, should bring a pair of frames with no lenses, take pictures if you need to get rid of glasses, should give early consideration to try and prepare for contact lenses.

4. close the wedding should avoid the Sun, eating less stimulating food.

If location appointment, Mr dark-coloured shoes, white socks.

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Taken the day Note:

1. shoot day not Jet-setting water, not makeup, men need to be beard shaved, women's armpit hair must be shaved.

2. keep good posture, carrying your reservation time to shoot.

3. the picture balance paid in cash at the cash register, and receive a special locker keys.

4. do not wear valuable items (such as necklaces, earrings, etc), while shooting the customers own clothing shall be locked in the locker, please take care of the keys, if lost, the company shall not be liable for.

5. the bride makeup procedure: wear dresses-dress up-do hairstyle – whole – taking pictures; groom makeup procedure: for hair-and makeup-dresses-do-styling-the photo.

6. the Department of Cosmetology, photography staff of the Department in accordance with the order of appointment scheduling, patient.

7. before shooting on the make-up, styling, clothes, dress, please communicate with the staff. customer satisfaction before they can shoot.

See the things you need to pay attention to, then you can be sure their wedding photos, Oh ~
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