12 constellation the bride's beauty book

Small series of take you into the mysteries of 12 constellations bride dress up!

water sign,:  cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

character: sensitive, romantic, sexy

Zodiac jewelry: pearls of Crystal and crystal clear warm, rich voice

bride dress up: pink soft is the makeup of the overall tone, with dreamy purple, light blue eyes sweep, elegant Silver brightening Yanshao gentle pink circle approach in the face, add a girlish touch of blush and finally pink red red lips lip gloss to create a jelly. Fluffy soft hair can show this sign women's feelings of water samples, and chiffon wedding dress elegant texture and flexibility against the bride, mellow temperament.

fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: 

character:  warm, direct, full of energy

Zodiac jewelry: gems or warm red series publicity complex design

bride dress up: brilliant shine is the secret of these constellations bride dress, gorgeous red gems as well as light lips captures all eyes. And a thick black eyeliner outlined even more profound eyes, exaggerated big Butterfly first ornament only fire woman wearing not intruding further rendering their enthusiasm and brilliant smile.

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