2012 Changzhou wedding dress trends

Mythical Mermaid Princess

Mermaid Princess story, every bride is looking forward, right? How to wedding day incarnation of fairy tale characters, for that he, a legendarily beautiful love. This year, like the fairy tale atmosphere of the bride finally ushered in this trend. Feathers or fabric production scales, simple waist, delicate fish tails, immediately create a mythical Mermaid Princess feeling.

Black, comeback

Black elements decorate the wedding dress is MM's love-hate, black elements decorate wedding fashion atmosphere but elders would accept black on your wedding day. Unlike 2011 latest black element used in a wedding dress on a large area, Blacks are mostly used for decoration, such as the black bow tie, black belt, and black gloves.

wedding dress spring/summer 2012 compared with 2011 converge the colors of many color powder blush, champagne, grey, coffee and so on, most of the wedding dress in ivory, off white.

how graceful, cascading gown will

last autumn/winter 2011 cascade decorative skirts for spring/summer 2012 is still popular, accumulation of irregular ridges or folds romantic charm, bride's gait is graceful, amorous.

exaggerated skirt

wedding dresses fashion trends in one of the most important is the exaggerated skirt. Tightening at the waist and contrast to the exaggerated tail, will make the bride's body looks better than the actual times, Super Swing dress tiling to the floor, giving a sense of innocence, purity comparable to Angels, no time like Princess. This photo should be rounded up most of the woman's childhood dreams! Put on the dress, and sky to look up to, you are the most beautiful woman in the world right now?

before and after short long bi-fold wallets

design is short the wedding itself, showing the bride's leg, which to some extent is not formal enough, but one immediately pull the veil often make up for this shortfall. Cute sitting in the Loft on the marble surface of the bride, the groom cannot be assured, sat patiently waiting for the next steps, wait for the naughty bride disappeared, follow good home.

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