Share wedding photos had to know something

1. the selection of Studio

How to choose a wedding photography studio, the wedding the most beautiful? Selected good Studio is half the battle. Each Studio's development is honed with time, its success was not achieved overnight to be able to do, has a strong professional and technical equipment, a good quality of service and lofty professional ethics is the selection key to shadow her. A once in a lifetime opportunity is that it must not be careless, so choose whether shadow brush should pay attention to shadow her formal, whether the service warm, photographers and makeup artists have professional skills. Studio credibility is the most important!

2. photos

most can reflected wedding photos style of is photography and styling this two important elements, consumers can for photography and styling reference relatives or users actual of wedding photos, also can more read market Shang of bride magazine, find himself like of style, wedding Studio provides of sample photos only reference cannot completely believes, in photo Eve more and photographer, and styling Division communication, best to with himself collected to of wedding photos show to they see, wedding photography is for show new of features of, So you want to choose your very own style.

3.  "deposit" and "deposit" on the legal consequences of

some Studio Photography booking form for "earnest" and "deposit" does not distinguish between, or even make an appointment on the same single with "down payment", to use the term "payment". In fact, the two concepts are different, its legal consequences were different.

the so-called deposit refers to the Contracting Parties in order to ensure that the performance of the contract, in accordance with the law and the stipulations of the contract by one party to a certain percentage of the amount of the contract, advance payment amount or other substitutes. Among them, the deposit amount shall not exceed the contract amount of 20% over 20%, the portion is not valid. In China's contract law and the law on security provisions, the parties may agree to pay a deposit to the other party as security for debt, after the obligor, the deposit shall be retained as the price or recover; the party to fulfill a contractual debt paying the deposit shall not be entitled to claim a refund of the deposit; the party receiving the deposit fails to perform a contractual debt, shall repay the deposit in double. Deposit's main purpose is to urge the parties to perform the contract, people for breach of the sanctions.

4. selection of wedding dresses

in most happy moments in your life, who doesn't want to look their most beautiful side and eternal retained, so choose a suitable clothing is also critical. Studio has a special selection of wedding professionals to their clients, they can give you expert advice, therefore the sisters may be appropriate to listen to their views.

a moved for figure Petite of for in the high waist, and yarn surface, and waist discount of white yarn, to modified figure proportion; figure long of any style of wedding are can attempts to, especially to package body hem is tail-like of wedding more can show figure of advantages; high thin who is can try try strengthening two shoulder design of dress, because as can makes high thin type sisters looks more has spirit; figure plump of is for straight line of crop, plus lace style, wear up more slim ; Upper body the best choice for full upper body chest line can show the advantages of simple design wedding dress down full, do not choose to fold as the focus of design wedding dress is too thin, it is better to choose high collar, long sleeves, multi-level, flounces type of wedding dress. These are Studio Miss, me not so much to know that.

5. the appointment time

General Studio staff in advance by phone appointment with your time and inform considerations, must-have items in picture;

6. shoot

new photos to designated places according to agreed time, taking pictures all day. The whole process including the choice of clothing, makeup, indoors, locations, etc;

virtual building are comprised of multiple mimics the characteristics of the real base, not every Studio has. Effects of lighting and scenery shooting it out is pretty good, but the person's mood and status than the exteriors. In General Studio initiative is a location, but poor weather not on location, can be considered real, because he was not under the influence of the weather. Generally not on location.

7. Select photos

depending on your choice of the list provided for in number, all samples in the filter. For example packages provided in book 30, newcomers can only select from all samples of 30, to the Studio make the album and the remaining sample is generally only available as a burn disc.

Photo selection is the late Studio Guide one of the most important links from hundreds of beautiful photos, select dozens of photos, is not an easy thing, so the woman must remain independent, in an orderly manner, reason Studio miss little sales tricks.

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