Tell you knowledge of the ampoule

Ampoule can be said it is the skin's "aid station". Powerful bottle makes skin to reach the peak of the bride-to-be. Makeup artist in the ampoule before stabilization and maintenance your skin, when it was the most perfect conditioning your skin and makeup. This skin be tightened, water well, easier putting on makeup and eating than usual makeup, and makeup.

What are ampoules?

cylinders (ampoules) misread as a concentrate, is a completely sterile, preservative-free vacuum packaging, look like the needle skin care products.   Contains a very high concentration, the effective factors of skin, at least 90%, or even 98%, is almost cream or cream 12 to 13 times. According to their types can be divided into skin, breast, slimming ampoules, and some can be used with massage at home, you will need to use with instruments. Ampoules are expensive is because of the expensive raw materials, components with high purity, effect. If according to the skin type of ampoules, about four: firming ampoule, moisturizing ampoule ampoule, anti aging ampoule and makeup.

fix ampoule

fix ampoule used usually 15-30 minutes before putting on makeup, including bottle completely penetrates into the skin and then started putting on makeup, makeup effect is good, the skin is especially bright and smooth. Makeup ingredients in ampoules for moisturizing factor, in addition to moisturizing factor, there are other tiny components, skin can absorb in a short time, and get the comfort and calm. Fix ampoule is professional ampoule, is a kind of emergency bottles of the product, use only in special moments, unsustainable use.

an bottles have an external function. When your skin when there is a serious problem, on the one hand trying to replenish nutrients and water, strengthen the skin's natural resistance against external environment against, so that the skin back to normal as soon as possible;

the other hand, stimulates cell repair and renewal, providing cells to oxygen, led the skin metabolism, make skin more bright and compact.

the wedding is it necessary to use bottles?

ampoule useful, it does not deny, however, because the raw materials expensive, really the bottle it's very expensive, and more for celebrity photos. Price ranging between 1000-5000, is 5-15 milliliters. Recommended wedding photo studio to your bottle? No I said do you need?

If you want to buy, like Guerlain, Sisley, Estee Lauder, Helena Rubinstein such a big bottle which can go to the counter to buy, if you don't have the budget, may wish to purchase price over the Internet more civilian ampoule. Need to be aware of is that Studio provides for net purchases only dozens of Yuan ampoules, but sell for hundreds, photographs may be taken into account when bring your own.

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