Wedding smile and posture of the how to match

1, eye contact effects of personality traits to the bride

the saying goes, "the eyes are the Windows to the soul", and only good eye, it is possible to show the inner, Bridal photography, bride character are mainly reserved special, cheerful, Romantic fantasy, and other categories, and each type description needs to control the bride's eyes, then adjusted according to body to complete.

eye direction of nuance is a demonstration of the different personality traits, this is clever use of eye control, through the eyes of a change, the personalities of the characters also exhibit a wide variety of changes. In through change eyes direction to change beauty attitude effect of when Note: each direction extends of change by performance out of Visual feel does not same, it by corresponds to of such as CD cut size, and props using are has without, in change a people of eyes direction or other details Shi, to note adjustment another people of body direction or other of details makes two a people Zhijian of feel echoed up.

2, eye and body posture fit

eye and body posture with the wedding to pay attention to? Typically, eyes photos are bust or a close-up view to stay, and General landscape photos are, will pay attention to posture and eye contact with the eyes.

was photo who of sight to body of positive head out, eyes head Shi General will to views who to is concern with a things of feel, then let was photo who of body to sight direction in more tilt some, face slightly rose one points, on can better of performance out "concern" of effect; was photo who looked up to oblique above see, will to people to looks forward to, vision of Visual feel, to reached picture of Visual balance sense, body slightly backward pour; and sight anti-direction Yang up of arm is used to balance picture of, Changzhou wedding photo shoot model to distance the photo, should as far as possible through the beauty of the design or background props serve to balance the picture.

3. avoid eye

of course, no eyes soft tender eyes.

appears in the tilt, or most of the time when I looked up.

4. good posture. Subjects hand in the picture is not significant, but if placed incorrectly, will spoil the whole beauty of the picture. Note to shooting hands full, not to the deformed, broken, incomplete feeling. Hands on his hips or a Pocket, showing part of the finger, so as not to give the impression of truncated.

5. How can you laugh you were beautiful?

the wedding don't force a grin. Some people laugh grin, some suitable for grinning, to be decided according to their looks and temperament.

6. the viewpoint and feelings!

point of view is very simple, everyone knows one side up 45 degrees is perfect, but we did not find, up 45 degrees to the side at the same time, as long as the mouth slightly stretched, side looked like they were very happy smile!

Similarly, bow, nod, shallow smile, easy three-step on your face will be filled with the taste of happiness!

loving show, displays of affection in the eye, photos can be affectionate. Imagine are laughing and listening to a lover complained, no Oh God don't binocular.

hypnosis is also a very good way, imagine that you are the most beautiful person, don't worry about their looks does not look good, be relaxed and confident.

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