Photo post production notes

Design style

If you do not like the layout, let the Studio modified or redesigned. Under normal circumstances, there are 2-5 photos, if there are two editions of garments, but layout combination methods similar, it will be amended, as appropriate.

the overall tone

Browse through all the wedding photos, take a look at the overall tone, a prototype usually has ten pages or page XV, note whether the same situation at this time, if you have more than three editions in the same tone, can cause fatigue; if the tone is too heavy also change, as appropriate.

anaphase revising

is there a spot on the photo, clothing, backgrounds, props and the like there is no help, then note the assigned problems selection of films with the Studio in the early treatment makes the photos look pretty natural.

character colour

General Studio wedding photos will color, but if you transfer easy for color deviation caused, and it's easy to affect the appearance of photos. This time you have to let the Studio revised, but if each photo colour deviation, can change computers to try and see if problems with the computer monitor before.

post-production phase photo album how to choose

requiring 120 film, digital post-processing. Photos, don't select the digital imaging, photographic color what is the ideal of the traditional professional 120, digital imaging film but is gray. Recommended for conventional 120 film, digital post-processing. (Conventional 120 film resolution up to 3200W, 1350W 135 negatives, not to mention the degree of color

raw footage, film is presented? All free? Digital should give all the negatives and sample you select, other photos can all into CDs sent to you, unless a sample is required to do a 7-inch hand-book

Zoom in as a couple? Biggest?? Can change a dimension or another gift? Enlarge photos without the box? Box is not available or is dissatisfied with the free on demand?

acceptance of the wedding:

selected finished tablets usually one two weeks on can to see design, to note some details of place, as hair, teeth, colour, shoes,, not satisfaction of place must to let he modified, set good tablets Hou three week around can to take album, then must to special note has, don't was himself beautiful of tablets tablets rushed Halo mind, don't muddleheaded of knot has tail paragraph, home zhihou only found has problem, then has late. To with a has inches mark of ruler, album of length is album of size (both album long for 18 inch of is 18 inch of album, some shop will to you of size enough, difference half inch within is normal of, over a inch, on absolute has problem has), also to number about within page of horse number whether enough, and carefully check album of cover, back and the edge whether has problem, then because no end paragraph, has not of place shop party usually will active and you coordination, General is to you some gifts do compensation, then, What is what, gifts Crystal is the most valuable. If I got after the end of, the store is not so easy.

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