2012 top wedding style

2012 is the most popular style of wedding   fashion magazine

this photo style new taxi as models, stars like avant-garde fashion, and attitude are strongly exaggerated. This stems from fashion magazine shoot style, shape plays an important key to photography is not difficult. Only the more controversial is that the wedding there was often a screen not entire phenomenon. Xia Wenhui said that fashion magazines used to eliminate some of the head or hand layout to express the atmosphere, along with the progress of time, more and more newcomers can understand and accept, and makes this style of photography is also increasingly popular.

2012 is the most popular style of wedding   personality and leisure photos

sports wedding dress because of its unique style, many couples enjoy. Exquisite bridal makeup, romantic wedding dresses, discard the flowers in his hand instead of a baseball bat, racket. Photos changed his usual dignified, aesthetic style, relaxed and energetic. Now casual sportswear dress particularly welcomed by young couples. Themselves they are young, the pursuit of individual, wedding style and casual sportswear wedding location hit it off.

2012 the most popular wedding style   stylish and retro stack

style: bold attempt to contrast a variety of seemingly different style mixed together. When shooting continuous light sources weak light intensity and color temperature changes, easier to control depth of field.

2012 is the most popular style of wedding   fresh wind

most popular wedding is more out of the Studio, to on-location natural wedding location wedding photography styles of fresh, green hills and clear waters of real-world scenarios, it is all natural, and this is now the wedding fashion. Nature is the best. Popular now is natural and clear.

2012 is the most popular style of wedding   funny

similar to film close-ups of the style. Have a strong memorable, has defected. Wedding photos link up, tell a funny story. A wedding with a storyline, this is  80  later the bride needs wedding photos. A story, one of our nature photos, new love story to emerge, there is bitter sweet.

2012 the most popular wedding   naked love

nude wedding their wedding should be considered in this year the most audacious style, in principle, the film confined indoors, through a number of secondary props for natural real portrayal. Although parents have different views, but the young man's ideas more directly, naked expression of feelings for each other, love unfold in front of the most complete of its own.

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