Encyclopedia of getting ready for a bride for their wedding photos

  Wedding considerations before 1, should not blindly worship in determining the bridal shop name brand stores.

notes you take in the brand-name shops for wedding photos in your 2-3000 is already a very large item of expenditure, but with brand-name shops, this may be their cheapest packages in photography. Brand-name shops every day for at least a couple during the filming of the wedding of more than 10,000 yuan. If the guests are three, then you are but the last guest. Perhaps they are one of the most neglected customers.

considerations before wedding 2, do not add the money for high-end clothes, because what actually is about the same.

clothing guide will show you some very nice clothing, and then tell you, shot once in a lifetime, which brides want beautiful, do you think it took several pairs of today, in the clothes of the region selected ... ... and, of course, she'll tell you in the region selected clothing, are hundreds of Yuan. --Full gesture of a pair of those who are willing to take the bait.

never mind how much money others, clothing is not the most important, and each set of clothes they design the most suitable production of action.

wedding photos are the most important thing is people, good makeup, clothing is not very important.

before the wedding on note 3, with favorite toys

wedding photography requires not only an elegant bride, don't be afraid to be yourself. In the picture, like an innocent child, interpretation of life bit by bit happy. In order to give your wedding to add a touch of lively, might as well put on lovers, bring a favorite toy, showing each other the most natural more emotional side.

outdoor wedding Notes 4, avoid wearing overly reflective clothing

when the outdoor wedding, should pay attention to when shooting under strong light, and newcomers such as the wearing of reflective white shirt, turning white, and makes it difficult for clothing texture. So newcomers should wear light color of the wedding dress, and that way the result much better than wearing a white shirt.

wedding notes 1, dress selection note before

second select wedding cheongsam to note and himself of colour temperament phase match, wedding cheongsam General is to red mainly, big red cheongsam for age slightly big of bride, because big red can show bride of stable generous; rose is for age more light of bride, because itself skin of skin quality is good, lining to rose red, can makes bride is youth pretty; deep red for stable has conservation of knowledge women.

white for more attention to the quality of life and a lucrative bride section can roll the red side, or a large area of bright silver plate, will look very elegant; yellow and orange, is not conservative brides might consider using colors.

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