Wedding photos had to be given to the matter

Finally wait until the wedding day, while feeling excited, but there are a lot of things are easily overlooked, that affect the results, by Changzhou AFIP wedding photography studio below tells you what was overlooked before the wedding.

the night before the wedding, to rest as soon as possible, about after dinner and began preparations before going to bed. Use warm water foot can quickly relieve fatigue. Try not to take a bath in the evening, because the weather changes, if you have a cold, you're in big trouble! Best choice for bath in the wedding day before noon.

breakfast, although known to eat for breakfast, but how to eat, which is a very big problem, can not rush off and eat, can't eat full stomach. Because of seasonal changes, weather is getting colder. The bride and groom must eat some food with heat. Make sure to drink 2 cups of warm water before breakfast, supplementary bed moisture loss. Changzhou AFIP wedding photography studio recommends that you eat dumplings, porridge, fried dough sticks, sesame seed, milk kind of breakfast.

finally to maintain a positive mood, trouble not because 2 people things, and Oh!  

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