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Wedding simple and elegant, fresh and natural style has become a 2012 new trend in wedding photography. Now after the new wedding are more personality, fashion, whether cosmetic or is a traditional thick foam modeling,  like gorgeous dress. People, after all, not an actor wedding wedding should tend to become more and more of life. Changzhou Photography Studio and small series to learn about it!

wedding, clothing can be said to be the most important element, bride's wedding dress and now than ever before, a bit less complicated and a little bit elegant. Some simple elegant fresh wedding dress   in peacetime can wear. Groom's wedding dress is no longer a single suit, handsome's shirt, casual sportswear, even simple white vests have become a favorite of groom dresses. Wedding   yarn as traveling light when, as in the AFIP photo shoot of the couple, the bride dressed in white strap knee-length little gown, fresh and sweet; the groom wears a vest pants, free and easy fit. Wearing this   kind of life wedding dress wedding many couples feel very fresh and very personal.

wedding, new shapes, how to set a pose is more critical. Wearing a wedding dress wedding to life in style and swing pose, of course, have to be more of life. Wedding style   is no longer the new people you look at me, I hold you in such a rigid position, shoot out wedding photos seem contrived, and more wedding poses was closer to life. "A young couple  " bickering and playful, groom carrying the bride's

wedding, new makeup is an essential element. Bride makeup are popular fresh transparent makeup, and hairstyles are no longer the same as in previous years, be sure to punch hair high, many   are all based on the unchanged, with a little care. This wedding is more fresh and natural, wedding brides are more like life itself.

wedding, scene selection is necessary. New wedding now prefer individuality and fashion style of wedding photography. Indoor scenes so I used,  the stage of phasing out wedding photography locations more popular wedding newcomer alike. Shanghai, daning green, Thames town, the waibaidu bridge in Shanghai and other places have become the new people the best place to take wedding pictures.

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