Green and golden wedding mix

Bridal wedding dress style dominated by gold, as if Greece mythology goddess of the noble. Men's stiff suits and dresses, with the olive green tie, Mao lang golden flowers as decorations, injected exquisite and unique strengths to the suits and dresses, groom handsome in deeply tender sex.

bridesmaid wedding dress styles for lightly cooked Golden satin floor length skirts, with a colorful geometric necklaces, clean mix, not only to bring out the beauty of the bride, let myself gives off romantic poetry. Select a beautiful ribbon color and floral, flower girls dress up as of late summer and early autumn Woods, still green leaves Golden fruit and heavy at the same time in the cute little flower girls who show.

from sunflowers, Mao lang, green Carnation, Imperial flowers into bouquets, assembled a fantastic publicity with a gentle, loaded with the tension of life at the same time is in line with the wedding dress styles, creating the perfect bouquet. Classic lemon-colored resin necklace accessories, simple design reveals grace and style, like fragrance, very mild and long, with the olive-colored tulle Greece-goddess evening dress, no matter what shape wear looks exquisite, no Garish colors and patterns, let the bride elegant feeling inside naturally.

bridal wedding dress style, combined with elegant accessories, brightly colored bouquet in hand, is shining all details, gold and green mix perfect, our online customer services allows you unlimited style of being a bride.

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