Newlyweds need to pay attention to propriety issues

Wedding is the most exciting moment each couple the happiest, each couple wants their wedding to smooth. Wedding ceremony in the process some of the things to note, don't know whether they have thought? Changzhou wedding photography for every upcoming wedding couples a heads up!

wedding ceremony process, when you meet new people and their guests for the first time is the "Welcome" link! Welcome links are the new people reveal themselves and receive all blessings of the best time, but to do so is in good order, this is a big test for the new people!

welcome ceremony in process must be placed in front of the restaurant sign, which can help find place to forget guest invitation goes well. Because not all the guests of the hotel are familiar with busy situations at the wedding scene, lead but overwhelmed by. Entrance sign at this time was the most clearly marked, easy to find wedding guest sign in the restaurant.

the wedding ceremony before the start of the process, remember to prepare snack before a meal for the guests. Could early guest mat hunger can be mitigated with impatience wait for moods, also can make guests feel considerate of new people. Hungry or let guests wait for the wedding, but many complained of was oh!

smile is the most important thing in the wedding ceremony process, although the ceremony is very long. But the whole smiling is very important for the couple: can make guests feel both the couple's happy, but also left good memories in the photo. Every guest is, after all, with a feeling of joy to newlyweds, if new deadpan talk to guests, but very emotional.

new attention to the details of the wedding process, not only can make their wedding successfully, can leave a good impression. There are many other details of the wedding process in the hands of online customer service Oh! Fast talk with them!

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