Married to note things

Just as the wedding ceremony is a spectacular stage show, the couple for every wedding detail, each position every dialogue must be carefully weighed, if sufficient time, cram can also bring good results. New people into the venue will make some cute little flower girl flower in front the way, be sure to select a cute, but lively and clever children served as flower girl, Oh! Because children under the great occasion will feel scared, a situation of stage fright, which is also a point to note details of the wedding.

when new people stand firmly to the wedding ceremony on the stage when the ceremonies began his management skill to play, this time some of the grooms often are dual-income to behind the back, is in style. This wedding is sure to pay attention to the details! Because it is witness against you moments of happiness, not in the Conference Room of the company's statement. This time the bride and groom must hold hands, so all the guests to witness your happy.

there is also a small wedding details is the groom does not open the champagne. If the bride ready to open champagne, must be known in advance of champagne open method: prior torn wrapping paper on the bottle, right thumb holding down the Cork, and left the bottle of wire loose, up and down, then right thumb forced the top stopper, heard happy, loud "bang" sound!

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